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TextAid is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to run a regular text editor to edit text areas in your browser. For the same functionality in Firefox, see It's All Text.


This extension is in two parts: the extension itself and an editor server that it connects to. It's constructed like this because of a security feature of Chrome. Follow these instructions to activate it:

  1. Install the plugin here.
  2. Download the edit server, and save it somewhere useful. I suggest something like ~/bin/edit-server.
  3. Edit the server file you just saved and change the line starting with our $EDITOR_CMD to point to your editor (if different from the default)
  4. Make this file executable and run it. You should set your profile up to run this server on login.
  5. In Chrome, go to the TextAid extension preferences.
  6. Set the URL field to You should be able to open this page in a browser and get a "Server is up and running" message.
  7. Enter a username and password. You can also set a keyboard shortcut for the editor such as Shift-Ctrl-E.
  8. Hit 'Save'.
  9. Party on.