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  • Is there a way to make the site makefile and/or default makefile available for editing as a wiki page? In which wiki, since they apply to the whole wiki farm? Also, the default makefile is part of the svn repository — if it's been edited in the wiki and there are new changes in the repository how will it be updated? Should there also be a per-wiki makefile that can be edited in the wiki?
    • I think the answer is to create a project to contain the site makefile rules and whatever else, and include those files from the actual site makefiles. Then they can be edited in the wiki using existing tools. Leave the WW make rules out of the wiki. I don't know about per-wiki makefiles.

Suggestions from JD

We should consider a facility for running offline, which I claim is not the same thing as checkout.

Checklist for testing

(this list is outdated)

  • correct compilation and display of TeX text, equation alignment, images, figure captions + alignment, unicode characters
    • recompile paper from scratch, make sure it compiles correctly
    • make sure the alt links are there and do what they should (this should take care of testing Special:GetProjectFile).
    • change the source, see the page change
  • change R code, see image change without requiring extra reloads.
  • preview a change in source text, see the change in the preview page, don't save, go back to the unmodified page and see if it's showing the unsaved changes.
  • project name containing spaces
  • correct recreation and display of R-generated image in page, and in TeX document
  • correct display of image from Image: page in TeX
  • inline display of png image, jpg image, eps image
  • create a new page with a <latex> element or something, make sure it renders right on the initial save
  • an assortment of inputs designed to break the security
  • the various features on Special:ManageProject
  • check the security page
  • preview, edit/submit, undo, view old revision
  • Links in project-description markup.